Housie, Bingo or Tambola has been played for years in clubs, societies and groups.
Wikipedia describes the Housie ( Bingo ) as
A typical bingo ticket contains twenty-seven spaces, arranged in nine columns by three rows. Each row contains five numbers and four blank spaces. Each column contains either one, two, or very rarely three, numbers:

The first column contains numbers from 1 to 9,

The second column numbers from 10 to 19,

The third 20 to 29 and so on up until the last column, which contains numbers from 80 to 90 (the 90 being placed in this column as well).

The game is presided over by a caller, whose job it is to call out the numbers and validate winning tickets. S/he will announce the prize or prizes for each game before starting. The caller will then usually say "Eyes down" to indicate that he is about to start. S/he then begins to call numbers as they are randomly selected, either by an electronic Random Number Generator (RNG), by drawing counters from a bag or by using balls in a mechanical draw machine. Calling may take the format of simple repetition in the framework, "Both the fives, fifty five", or "Two and three, twenty three", but some numbers have special calls due to their significance. A typical "dabber" or "dauber", used for both U.S. and U.K. bingo ticketsThe different winning combinations are: Line — covering a horizontal line of five numbers on the ticket. Two Lines — covering any two lines on the same ticket. Full House — covering all fifteen numbers on the ticket. ( Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bingo_(Commonwealth) )

This software game acts as a caller for this game and generates the random numbers for the game.

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